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Available as Elementor widget!

Since Rife theme in version 2.1.0 it is available as Elementor widget.

What is it for

Socials shortcode can be used to display social icons defined in theme settings. With this shortcode, you can display it on any page or post that you like.

It requires plugin Apollo13 Framework Extensions in version 1.3.0 at least.

What is needed for it

You need to define your social services in the theme settings.

Shortcode and its parameters

First, let’s see some examples:

[a13fe-socials normal="black" hover="semi-transparent"]
[a13fe-socials normal="color" hover="white"]

So shortcode is named a13fe-socials and it has following parameters that you can use:

  • normal – (default black) a color variant of icons in a normal state. See available variants below.
  • hover – (default color) a color variant of icons in a hover state. See available variants below.

Available color variants

You can use these variants for each shortcode parameter:

  • black
  • color
  • white
  • semi-transparent
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