How your client should work with Photo Proofing feature

User interface

When user will open album and enter password, he will be presented classic bricks based album.

On each photo/video he will get option to select it and comment it. Below image explains what is what.

Explanation of user interface for photo proofing items
Explanation of user interface for photo proofing items

Leaving Comments

Comments are saved when user leaves text area or hit save button.

By pressing Esc on keyboard user can cancel edition of comment(changes will not be saved).

Comments are only saved if it contents were changed, so they can be viewed without worries.

Finishing process

When at least one item(in fresh album or since last time album was accepted) is commented, selected or deselected, button I am done with Selecting Items will appear.

When pressed it will inform admin that client finished selection. Cause of that it should be used at end of process.

Accept button
User should use this button to mark album as accepted

Word of caution

Items should be selected and commented by one user at time. Otherwise there is a chance you could overwrite your work as album is not designed for simultaneous work of more then one person.

What does it mean? If for example wife and husband want to select photos from their wedding at the same time on different devices, they can overwrite their work. Best is to refresh album after first person is done, and pickup from where he/she left.

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