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Album options


Work options is mostly the same as described here below. Unique options for works or albums will be marked with Only for works or Only for albums.

Options description

Album details section in theme
Album details section in theme.

Options are divided into few tabs. Below we will describe few options from them:

  • Alternative link – If you fill this, then clicking on your album on Albums list page will not lead to single album page but to link from this field.
  • Subtitle – If filled it will appear in title bar and on Albums list page.
  • Size of brick – How many bricks area should take this post in albums list.
  • Only for albums. Exclude from Albums list page – If enabled, then this album wont be listed on Albums list page, but you can still select it for front page or in other places.
  • Only for works. Exclude from Works list page – If enabled, then this work wont be listed on Works list page, but you can still select it for front page or in other places.
  • Only for works. Content layout – You have several layouts to display your work.
  • Only for works. Page background – you can decide to use default background or to change it specially for this page.
  • Header custom sidebar – overwrite global value for it.
  • Hide content under header – You can either choose to push content layer below header, so you can achieve some fancy effects(with transparent, or semi-transparent horizontal header), or use normal flow, when content will start after header.
  • Items order – It will display your images/videos from first to last, from last to first, or random order.
  • Only for albums. Show title and description of album items – If enabled, then it will affect displaying in bricks and slider option, and also in lightbox.
  • Only for works. Show title and description of work items – If enabled, then it will affect displaying in bricks and slider option, and also in lightbox.
  • Internet address – You can provide link that is connected to this album. Displayed in page content.
  • Custom info 1-5 – Five custom fields for more details about album. If empty it won’t be displayed. Displayed in page content.
    Use pattern Field name: Field value. Colon(:) is most important to get full result.
  • Present media in – you have 3 options to choose from:
    1. Bricks:
      • Only for albums. Content column – This will display separate block with title and text about album. You can switch sides or turn it off.
      • Bricks columns
      • Max width of bricks content – available space for bricks might be smaller, but newer greater then this number.
      • Brick margin – margin between bricks
      • Choose brick proportion – thanks to this you can have images in one size, even if you upload images in different proportions.
      • Hover effect – few fancy effects how does bricks look on mouse hover
    2. Slider:
      • Color under title – It will make background under title text on slides. Gives fancy effect.
      • Fit images – you can use auto(Fit always) or decide in which way images should be stretched to fill screen.
        Fit when needed is best for small images, that shouldn’t be stretched to bigger sizes, only to smaller(to keep them visible).
        However Cover whole screen is best options in most cases.
      • Autoplay – If autoplay is on, slider items will start sliding on page load.
      • Transition type – 4 types: Carousel, Fade and no transition. Also Zooming known better as Ken Burns Effect.
      • Gradient above photos – Good for better readability of slide titles.
      • Pattern above photos – Used for masking and some darkening.
      • List of Thumbs – Enable/disable and decide should it be visible on page load.
    3. Only for albums. Scroller/Scroller parallax – available only in Rife Pro & works only with images:
      • Cell width – how wide will be each image.
      • Cell width on mobile – same as above, but will switch on devices with width less then 600px
        Effect on not active elements – Please use with caution! CSS transitions on filters(effects) can choke any browser. Use only on small albums(<10 images). Effects are switched off for devices with resolution lower then 1024px, as they usually don’t have enough power to animate them.
      • Cell margin – Space between cells.
      • Cover or contain opened photos? – When photo is opened to full width, should it contain(whole photo visible) in cell or cover it(whole area covered by photo).
      • Wrap around – At the end of cells, wrap-around to the other end for infinite scrolling.
      • Free scroll – Enables content to be freely scrolled and flicked without aligning cells to an end position.
      • Autoplay – Automatically advances to the next cell. There is also option for time delay, and to pause it on hover.
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