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Using rational image sizes

In case of Slider & Scroller images are loaded in full size(same as uploaded).

Important thing here is to keep images in rational dimensions cause uploading here 10MB file could kill user transfer when viewing single album.

And what would happen if you would have 20 images with 10MB each… 🙂

Advice from friendly photographer

Here is cite from our user about uploading too big photos, it is from our forum:

That is a real shame. For any other photographers that might read this post, there are two very important reasons to keep the images a reasonable size:

1) Loading time. The last thing you want when an agent or client is viewing your portfolio is for them to have to wait more than a split second for an image to load. With a 3MB image and even a reasonable connection speed these people will quickly move on and find another photographer for the job (especially if you have a number of images in your portfolio).

2) Discourage theft of your images. An 800px image will print at 300dpi on a 4×6 but no larger. This makes it more difficult for anyone to use your images without permission or payment. If you provide a 3MB image, you are asking for your album to be stolen. This happens ALL THE TIME.


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