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Exporting Theme Options

It is available since version 1.8.2.

If you want to move theme setting from one page to another, Export/Import features will be very helpful.

To use them go to Appearance → Rife Free/Pro Import & Info → Export and you will see 2 textareas.

Export theme settings

In this field is export of all your theme settings, it means things that can be set in Customizer, and are theme specific(not default WordPress things).

If you want to copy these settings just use button Copy to clipboard.

Import theme settings

Once you have theme settings exported you can also import them.

Please be aware that by using import you will lose your current theme settings on the site where you do the import. They will be replaced with imported settings

To proceed please paste your export into textarea and use button Import theme settings.

Rewriting URLs

Another thing is that URLs are not rewritten on import. This means that URLs, to a logo or background images, after import will point to the domain from which you had your export.

If you have same files in same locations on the server where you are importing settings into, then before proceeding you should “search & replace” all occurrences of your old domain with the new one.

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