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Posts Options

Options are divided into few tabs. Below we will describe few options from them:

  • Alternative link – If you fill this then when selecting post from Blog(post list), it will lead to this link instead of opening post.
  • Post media – You can choose between Featured imageImages slider (you will need Featured galleries plugin) or Video to represent post.
  • For Featured image you can also decide to add parallax to it with Featured image parallax and Parallax area height options
  • Size of brick – How many bricks area should take this post in posts list.
  • Page background – you can decide to use default background or to change it specially for this post.
  • Hide content under header – You can either choose to push content layer below header, so you can achieve some fancy effects(with transparent, or semi-transparent horizontal header), or use normal flow, when content will start after header.
  • Header custom sidebar(vertical header only) – overwrite global value for it.
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