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In terms of Privacy Policy there are 2 different regions it should be explained:

  1. What data is collected from you, the site author.
  2. What data is collected from your users(End User Privacy).

What data is collected from you – the site author

When you install & use our theme we don’t collect anything about you.

The only place where we collect data is when you are using our Design Importer. These are: Date of action, your site URL, IP address, imported Design name.

These data are collected only for functional reason and for protection against abuse of our services. These data are not shared with any third party.

We never had any other data collection while using our themes in past. Nor for analytics nor for other reason.

What data is collected from your users(End User Privacy)

Aside from below, the theme does not collect any data from your users on your behalf or for us.

Photo Proofing

When you use theme feature Photo Proofing(Apollo13 Framework Extensions plugin is needed to use it) there are some data stored but only for the functional reason.

These data are: Comments that user left and photos that he/she selected. These data is core functionality for Photo Proofing feature.

Additionally, you will probably upload pictures which can be considered personal data of your user.

For Privacy protection, you should always use password protected album when you share such album. Also, you can be sure then, that no one unauthorized will mess with photo selection then.

Remember to keep all this data only for the time that is necessary to work with your client.

If user request erasure of his data, you can do it by deleting the whole album and also you should manually delete photos connected to such album.



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