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Image Sizes Video Support and Others

Template image sizes

Theme uses script that auto scale images so it doesn’t define any sizes of images.

For WooCommerce you can change images sizes in WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Display → Product Images. After this you will have to rebuild thumbnails for it.
For this task you can use plugin, we advice AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild. Just install plugin in your WordPress & activate it. You can then rebuild all thumbnails in the tools section (Tools → Rebuild Thumbnails).

Video/Audio support

Theme support Youtube and Vimeo videos, and also HTML 5 types.

For YouTube best to use links as : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JByDbPn6A1o

For Vimeo best to use links as: https://vimeo.com/12280336

Any other link will be treated as HTML 5 video. Browsers that understand the HTML5 tag will display MPEG/H.264 (.mp4) files, VP8/webm (.webm), or Ogg/Theora (.ogv) files. Other browsers can use Flash to play the .mp4 or .flv.

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