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PhotoProofing Albums

Photo proofing feature were added in version 1.3.0.

Photo proofing allow your clients to mark photos and videos they like, by selecting them on dedicated album. They can also comment each item, to leave you additional information.

This feature is designed to make easier work with your clients and your save time. Lets see such process look:

  1. You create album with photos and videos that you want your client to choose from. Typically you will make such album password protected, so only user with proper access can select photos.
  2. You send album link and password to client.
  3. Your client select and comment on album items.
  4. After client is done he clicks button I am done with Selecting Items.
  5. You get e-mail and notice in admin area that album was marked as finished in photo proofing process.
  6. Now you can view album and filter selected and commented items to know what user have done.
  7. If there is need for some corrections, you can send client back to point 3) and after he will make some changes he will be able to again “finish process”.


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