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Installing a Fresh Copy of WordPress

If you don’t have already installed and configured WordPress, then you will need to do it now, before you will be able to use Rife theme.

If you are new to WordPress please see this before continuing.

Choose good hosting

First you need hosting. If you are thinking seriously about your site, and expect to have some traffic there, you would want to have quality hosting.

Good hosting is major factor in making your page load as fast as possible. How important is page load speed you can read here.

No amount of WordPress optimizations will give you same benefit, as fast and reliable hosting.

What we can recommend in such scenario is Kinsta. You can read more about our experience with them in our article about experience with Kinsta.

About Kinsta

  • They always have freshest technology available, for example: they added support for PHP 7.2 in less then a week after its release, while many other hosting providers still can’t add support even for PHP 7.0! And man – PHP 7.X i so much faster then 5.X branch, what means even faster page loading speeds!
  • They have so fast, kind and accurate support. You have access to it via intercom(chat like box) in your admin panel. They answer you in minutes after asking. Even if you ask something outside of range of support they will always try to point you in right direction.
  • You can install WordPress right from admin panel, without any uploads, database credentials or other stuff that you would have to do in classic WordPress installation.

So if your current hosting is not too fast, or you don’t have any yet – try Kinsta!

Install WordPress

Many of today hosting offer you to install WordPress CMS right from you hosting panel with automatic installers. In case of Kinsta Hosting it looks like this.

If you are not sure does your hosting support such installation, it is good idea to ask them directly.

Anyway if you have access to your FTP account you can always install WordPress manually.

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