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Importing Designs

Along with the theme we provide premade Designs.

If you don’t want to build your website from scratch then you can easily use one of them as a base for your website. Just import demo data of the Design that you like, change content and tune the settings up to your needs.

To use Design importer go to Appearance → {Your theme name} Import & Info → Design Importer and you will see importer interface.

Design importer interface
Design importer interface


What Design import does

Import process consist of few steps that you can turn off and on:

  1. Clearing current content(default: off)
  2. Install plugins used in design(default: on)
  3. Installs WooCommerce with its content & configuration if it was used in design(default: off)
  4. Import demo content(default: on)
  5. Import sliders build with Slider Revolution plugin if design contains it(default: on)
  6. Sets WordPress settings(default: on)
  7. Sets theme settings(default: on)
  8. Clean up after import process(default: on)

More details can be found in importer configuration.


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