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Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can, by requesting it from Envato. Read further on to find out the conditions and the proper way to request a refund. Please, start with considering the following suggestions:

  • Try to find a solution or answer here, highly likely you will.
  • Let us check out your problems, most of the issues are caused by other components and are usually easy to fix.
  • Report the issue you are having, so we can release an update that fixes it (if any).
  • Please, acknowledge our support policies, we cannot take responsibility for unrelated issues caused by faulty 3rd party solutions, but we will try to help you.

Envato offers freedom for authors to choose their own support policies without any obligation. The only exception and way to get a refund from Envato if the given item is faulty or does not work as described, and the author refuses to fix the problems. More on this in Envato refund policy.

The refund requests are handled by Envato only, we don’t have any option to send your money back, even if we do agree with your demands.

Please, keep in mind the points above, you should ask for help first, and we most likely can solve your problems.

Please read the related FAQ entry from Envato about how you can request a refund.

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