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Creating new topic

How to start new topic

After you register your purchase code on support forum you can start posting questions.

To start new topic on Apollo13 Themes support forum you have to login and next click big button in top-right, named “New Discussion”.

Next select proper category to post in(if you have more then one theme registered from us) and describe your case.

How to start new topic on Apollo13 Themes support forum

General rules about creating topics

All instructions about using support forum can be found here, however here is short list of things to remember:

  • Please write in English language. We are not native English speakers but this is international language we use on forum.
  • Describe one case per topic. It makes much easier discussion, when cases are separated. It also makes easier for other users to find such useful topics/questions/answers later.
  • Add link to your live project(BEST: link to exact place where issue occurs). It helps a lot!


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