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How to use Customizer?

What is Customizer

Customizer is WordPress place to set theme options. It is great tool to see your changes live before you publish them.

Customizer is accessed via Appearance → Customize, or by admin bar while you are viewing your site.

Accessing customizer by admin bar
Accessing Customizer by admin bar

Changing options through WordPress Customizer gives you live preview of changes before you save anything, so no more guessing what each change will bring to your layout.

Customizer even have option to plan changes in future instead of releasing it instantly.

Most theme options can be changed by Customizer – these are mostly general layout settings.

In each post/page/album/work(post types) you can overwrite some of the settings, and some can be set only while editing these post types. Read more about special options in post types.

WordPress settings panels

Some settings in Customizer are default WordPress panels, and it can be seen in every theme. Rest are added by theme.

Default WordPress Panels are:

  • Site Identity
  • Widgets
  • Homepage Settings
  • Additional CSS
Customizer panel
Customizer panel
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