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Adding Albums list


Adding Works list is same process as described here below, but you chose Works list template instead.

How to create Albums list

Albums list is a page that list all your albums.

To add Albums list to your site you need to create Albums list page:

  1. Add new page in Pages → Add new
  2. Name it as you wish but keep in mind that if you use pretty permalinks (eg. yourblog.com/about-me ) than slug of your page have to be different then slug for albums & works set in:
    • for Albums – Appearance → Customize → Albums settings → Single album slug
    • for Works – Appearance → Customize → Works settings → Single work slug

    It is important so everything will work correct. Best name this page as “Albums” or “Portfolio”.
    Creating Albums list page

  3. From template list choose Albums list(image below).
    Choosing Albums list template
  4. Publish Page.
  5. Done
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