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How to Change the Subscription plan?


As of version 1.8 Rife Pro no longer supports changing plan from theme. If you want to change plan, please contact Apollo13 Themes.

Changing plan

You can easily do it from theme, after you register your license code. Just go to Appearance → Rife License & Info and use Change your plan to Yearly link.

If you face any problems, then please contact us.

Change Rife plan
Use plan change link to upgrade your Rife Plan.

Plan changing limitation

Our current payment provider has some limitations in what is possible with plan switching.

  • While you are in trial mode for Rife Pro theme, subscription plan can not be changed from panel. If you want to do this please contact us, and we will figure something out.
  • Plan can only be upgraded from monthly to yearly, due to issue with recounting current usage.
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