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Using Mega Menu

We will talk here about such effect:

This kind of menu is intended for situations when you wish to show many sublinks in columns. It offers naming columns with linkable title.

This is how you should arrange your menu items to make it work

First two levels of menu have different options available.

  • Level 1:
    • Enable mega menu? – Only if checked other options will appear.
    • Number of columns – Three variants.

  • Level 2
    • Don’t show this item in mega menu. Show only descendants. – if checked this item won’t appear.
    • Use HTML instead – good for showing some linked image, or other special things. Sample HTML code for this can look like this
<a href="http://site.com/shop/" alt="Big Sale!"><img style="display: block; width: 100%;" src="http://site.com/yourimage.jpg" alt=""></a>

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