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Translating theme to your language

Ready for translations

The theme is prepared for translation, so it will just require some time for you to see our theme in your language(if it isn’t translated to it yet).

If you are not using any plugin for translations like WPML, then keep on reading.

I want to change 1 theme string

Sometimes, you may find your self in need to change one of the theme strings to be presented in a different way. For example “Read more” on the blog.

In this case, you should follow the below process as well, but translate only strings that you are interested in. In this case, your entered translation will be more of a replacement.

So when instead of “Read more” you want to have “Continue this interesting story”, then you enter this as a translation for “Read more” and create files for your WordPress language.

How to prepare a translation file

Translation file(.pot file) you can find in the main theme directory in languages/

This file should be opened in a program like Poedit and translated.

After everything is done you have to save your translation with a proper name.

Names for each country can be found on https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_in_Your_Language (column WP Locale).

So for example for German – Deutsch you should save files as de_DE and get 2 files: de_DE.po and de_DE.mo.

Copy these files to theme directory to languages/

In every update, the .pot file may change as we may add some new functions or fix some spelling, but you can use your old translation to get most of the work done.

If you don’t want to lose your translation on each theme update, then you should put your translation in the child theme, instead of the main theme. Just create languages/ directory in the child theme and put your translation there.

If you have already created translations in the main theme, then just copy the whole languages/ directory to the child theme, so you will have a structure themename-child-theme/languages/de_DE.po for example.

Change your language in WordPress

At the end you have to go to your Admin Panel, Settings → General → Site Language and set your language.

After that, if everything went fine, you will see the theme strings in your language:-)

How to use Poedit to translate strings

On below image, you can see where to type translated texts in Poedit, as not everyone gets it right away.

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