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Support Forum(Rife Pro)

Where to get support?

Our support forum is only for Rife Pro theme users, with an active¬†“Plan with Included Support” license.

If you are Rife Free user please come to WordPress.org support forum dedicated for Rife Free here.

If you have Rife Pro without support, please don’t post questions on WordPress.org forums as this is against public forum rules. If you need support from us, you will have to extend your license to one with support. To do it please contact us here.

Questions posted on our support forum have a higher priority in support queue than e-mails or topics asked for Rife Free on WordPress.org forums.

We don’t do support by e-mails due to the fact that “e-mail” doesn’t have enough tools that we use.

Don’t frustrate – talk with us!

If you have a question about how something works, or you feel like you have found a bug please come to our support forum! It is the best place, where we can work together to solve issues and explain various topics.

To access the forum, you will need your license code. Where to find your code?

We understand that most of our customers are not developers(programmers), that is why we will also help you with issues caused by other components (plugins for example) and we will provide you instructions to help fixing issues, even if it is not directly related to our theme.

Although, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix every issue caused by faulty 3rd party components.

Get to support forum!


Useful information about support

Theme support includes(Rife Pro):

  • Responding to questions and problems regarding your theme and its features
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues by releasing updates regularly
  • Assistance with integration questions and incompatibility issues
  • Small theme modifications that are outside of theme options

Theme support does not include:

  • Customizations far beyond the capabilities of the theme or fixing issues caused by your customizations
  • Responsibility for fixing issues caused by faulty 3rd party components
  • Non-theme-specific questions(however we will direct you to the right place)

Information regarding support response times:

  • We live in UTC+01:00 (Central European Time) time-zone. Please keep in mind that we may have different daytime in our region compared to yours.
  • Usually, we will respond to you in less then 1 hour if we are in the office.
  • We are not working on weekends, but we will try to respond to you whenever we can.


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