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Miscellaneous Settings

Accessed in Appearance → Customize → Miscellaneous Settings.

Here are settings that didn’t fit anywhere else or there wasn’t enough of them to create a separate panel.

So they are here, but as the theme will advance they can get moved to a different panel.

People Custom Post Type

Here you will find settings for colors of socials icons for People post type.

Apollo13 Image Resize

As the theme uses own script to create responsive image sizes on the fly for various elements, you may want to increase or reduce the quality of JPEG compression.

Address bar

You can set here to enable anchors displayed in the address bar. This setting is most important for one-pagers. It is recommended to enable it for better usability.

Writing effect

Here you can enable or disable writing effect to be used on mobiles. It is good to disable it to save the CPU of your user devices, and to remove “jumping screen” effect on smaller screens.


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