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Importer Configuration

By default importer have selected only most commonly needed options, but depending on your needs you should select or unselect some options. All are described well under question mark ?.

Here we will describe some most interesting use cases:

Importing demo as it was seen

By default importer is working in safe mode – it means that none of your content will be removed before importing our demo data.

However to make best copy of our demo you will have to clear all your content. To do it mark Remove current content.

This is best for fresh WordPress installations. In other cases beware of this option.

Importing only look of demo

If you don’t need any demo content but only theme settings for selected design, then this is also possible.

You can easily switch between layouts presented on our designs if you select only option Import theme settings. Then it will only import themes options – things that you can later change in Customizer.

You can of course also turn on option Clean up after import.

We have explored this also in post on our site.

Importing Shop

For some designs we have also created demo content for WooCommerce. If you plan on using shop then mark Import shop.

Import Design Sliders

Some Designs have premade sliders done with Slider Revolution plugin. If you would like to import only sliders from this design to your current site, then select only option Import sliders.

You can of course also turn on option Clean up after import.

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